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We made products which are innovative and first ever made.

So we get a first-hand account of ideas and products but most importantly perspectives. However, we are ready to go the extra mile and study targeted markets. We assemble relevant data, cut it and form blocks of information that’s best for enterprise. Our Analytical tools empower us to do the Sherlock Holmes as we deduce consumer behavior based on industry trends and market research. We work on great looking design that have killer spin and ground-breaking digital idea and looking out for complete end-to-end technology – our crew is equipped for any cruise.

All Products

Token Issuing And Management System

An innovative idea has been converted in the reality at Reservation centers(PRS) which is token issuing machine with the Palm vein identification system & connected with the Token indicator system to give connivance to the general public. It is a very unique approach that no token will be issue from the palm vein based token machine without registering palm to the palm vein sensor of the machine. We can issue & manage the tokens for Normal/Tatkal


This system is designed in keeping the mind of two fundamental necessities : A.Crew should be identified by authenticate identification system. B.Crew need not to do sign on /off in CMS terminal without passing the breath process. This new concept designed system is running successfully in Indian Railways. The System Contains: 1)Computerized Automated Breath Analyzer with indication LED's 2)Palm vein identification system (most Secure

Three Phase loco driver desk

We have designed new concept system for providing the realistic training to the loco crew on Three Phase loco driver desk. This Three Phase Training system is for providing the training on loco faults and normal loco operations of WAG-9, WAP-7and WAP-5. Railways officers can also test the skills of loco crew on loco handling & fault solving areas through this system. System also helps loco crew to increase their understanding about the compo

Traction Motor Temperature Testing System

Traction Motor Temperature Testing System with Analysis system is a user friendly device system developed by Micro Integrated Semi Conductor System Pvt. Ltd. (MISCOS), for recording the temperature of the Traction motor with sensor locking system. This system provides complete analysis of the temperature of eight sensors fixed on different portions of Traction motor in graph & table format. System has a recording Hardware for temperature analysis