We develop unique & innovative products to create
socio-revolutionary impact globally.First we ideate an idea to find an effective innovative solution.

Design & Develop

Design plays an important role in tranforming the prototype to a finished product.

Test & Launch

After transforming prototype to finished product, we go for pilot testing phase and then launch it for commercialisation..

Alliances And Partners

As Indian Railways is the Major Client of MISCOS, and we fulfill the major requirement by using the products of our technology partners and integrate it with the new or existing system with their requirements.


The palm vein device by Fujitsu is an authentication system that utilizes the latest in biometric security technology. Answering a worldwide need from governments to the private sector, this contactless device offers an easy-touse, hygienic solution for verifying identity.


A compact size fingerprint recognition sensor has been developed using NITGEN’s unique Optical design technology , and it has almost zero image distortion. Therefore it can capture ant fingerprint clearly, making it possible to verify fingerprints quickly and accurately..

Our Product As Achievement

First Ever Made Products.

Token Issuing And Management System

An innovative idea has been converted in the reality at Reservation centers(PRS) which is token issuing machine with the Palm vein identification system & connected with the Token indicator system to give connivance to the general public. It is a very unique approach that no token will be issue from the palm vein based token machine without registering palm to the palm vein sensor of the machine. We can issue & manage the tokens for Normal/Tatkal


This system is designed in keeping the mind of two fundamental necessities : A.Crew should be identified by authenticate identification system. B.Crew need not to do sign on /off in CMS terminal without passing the breath process. This new concept designed system is running successfully in Indian Railways. The System Contains: 1)Computerized Automated Breath Analyzer with indication LED's 2)Palm vein identification system (most Secure

Three Phase loco driver desk

We have designed new concept system for providing the realistic training to the loco crew on Three Phase loco driver desk. This Three Phase Training system is for providing the training on loco faults and normal loco operations of WAG-9, WAP-7and WAP-5. Railways officers can also test the skills of loco crew on loco handling & fault solving areas through this system. System also helps loco crew to increase their understanding about the compo

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