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Token Issuing And Management System

An innovative idea has been converted in the reality at Reservation centers(PRS) which is token issuing machine with the Palm vein identification system & connected with the Token indicator system to give connivance to the general public. It is a very unique approach that no token will be issue from the palm vein based token machine without registering palm to the palm vein sensor of the machine. We can issue & manage the tokens for Normal/Tatkal both. We also taking the care for the senior citizen / Ladies counter windows as if required. This sensor is based on contact less technology (means person need not to touch the sensor just have to place his/her hand at respective place in KIOSK) & palm is better in compare to finger print sensors (because there is a difficulty to identify the dusty / marked surface fingers & 10 tokens can be taken by a single person). By palm base system a person can take only one token in single time period which will decide my railways.

This system has five modules:-
1. Palm Biometric Token issuing Machine.
2. Railnet based Web-portal for policy making and report viewing.
3. SMS enabled system to identify the daily visitor for reservation.
4. Token display system (TFT based) for Public
5. Token Managing system(LCD base) for Clerk

Benefits with the system
Palm vein token issuing machine can attach with the currently running token display system (if any available).
Railway authority can see the data about how many times a single person has taken the ticket in a day.
Railway can get to know how many tokens have been converted into the ticket purchase / cancellation/ modifications.
Authorities can catch the persons who are taken the multiple tickets in a day just by a one click on the webpage.
Authorities can cross check by pictures which were taken at time of when a person is taking the tokens.
Booking clerk have the option to take the break by “hold” option that will provide at every window.
Different Token for tatkal and Normal reservations.
Easy setting and policy making for every window by web-portal
Ticket booking clerk attendance system.