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Three Phase loco driver desk

We have designed new concept system for providing the realistic training to the loco crew on ‘Three Phase loco driver desk’. This Three Phase Training system is for providing the training on loco faults and normal loco operations of WAG-9, WAP-7and WAP-5. Railways officers can also test the skills of loco crew on loco handling & fault solving areas through this system.

System also helps loco crew to increase their understanding about the components, loco panels & loco processes involved in the driving operations. System itself is an instructor for trainee to sharp their skills on loco operations & troubleshooting.

System’s Hardware structure is divided in two modules:
Driver Desk
Hardware components

Driver Desk
System performs / generates maximum loco operations/ handling situations as required by the user. This driver desk contains five screens: 03 screens of 17 inch size, 01 screen of 22 inch size, 01 screen of 32 inch display size.
System is well fitted in the metal & enclosed very similar to real loco driver desk.

System also contains three foot switches. System is interfaced with communication module & hardware interfacing cards. The overall size of the driver desk is 8 feet (H) X 4 feet (W) X 6 Feet (L).
Driver desk contains hardware units like A9, SA9, Throttle, Reverser, Vigilance Switch, Sanding switch etc. It also consist well designed 3-D pictures of other loco components like
1) Panel A, B , C components .
2) Virtual simulated SB1,SB2,HB1,HB2 components.
3) Pneumatic Panel Coc components.

System generates maximum loco process simulations like:
Normal Loco configuration setting
Banker Loco configuration settings
cooling mode configuration
disturbance in converters
Low pressure in main reservoir
Emergency brake application
Vigilance switch application
Priority one & Priority two faults display & solutions etc.

Driver desk can configure itself in three working modes
Training Mode
Normal Loco operation modes
Information mode
Training mode: In this mode system helps the trainee to understand loco processes and loco handling operations by voice & display instruction commands. The system contains self learning procedures for teaching solutions of loco faults to trainees. In this mode system also provides maximum information on loco operations and components operating description.
Normal Loco Operation Mode: In this mode trainee can train himself on real loco environment. No help instruction will be generated by the system for trainee.
Information mode: In this mode trainee crew can get the working knowledge of each & every component of the loco & it's working on the normal mode & loco fault mode.
Virtual Display Panels:

1. Panel A: This panel is one of the parts of front panels. It has 3-D functionality of virtually designed loco components & has same operational behavior like real components of real locomotive.
This panel has three meters: (A) UBA for battery voltage (B) Bogie 1 TE/BE reflection (C) Bogie 2 TE/BE reflections.
Spring loaded switches: (A) ZPT (for pantograph up/down) (B) BLDJ to Close /Open main circuit breaker. (C) BLCP for compressor ON/Aut/Man
Other components like: push switches BPCS (for constant speed) , BPPB for releasing / apply parking brake ,BPVR for vigilance reset , ZBN for switching the loco to banker mode. Indicative lamps LSDJ, LSHO, LSP etc. push button Emergency switch with engine key- BL Key with three directions operative.

2. Panel B: This panel is the one of the parts of front panels. It has virtually designed components which operated alike real components of real locomotive. Panel-B has five indicative meters for displaying same reflections as real loco gives.
Meters are:
(A) Parking brake meter
(B) Pressure Brake Cylinder
(C) Pressure brake Feed Pipe / Main Reservoir
(D) Air Flow Meter
(E) Brake Pipe Pressure.