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Traction Motor Temperature Testing System

Traction Motor Temperature Testing System with Analysis system is a user friendly device system developed by Micro Integrated Semi Conductor System Pvt. Ltd. (MISCOS), for recording the temperature of the Traction motor with sensor locking system. This system provides complete analysis of the temperature of eight sensors fixed on different portions of Traction motor in graph & table format. System has a recording Hardware for temperature analysis of the traction motor & attached components with computing system for web based analysis tool. This System can be used for the Blower motors, auxiliary motors etc.

System features:
Unique sensor fitment unit for easy attach & detach on the motor
Data analysis unit
Wi -Fi based web enabled analysis system
Software for extracting the individual traction motor temperature graph
Option to change the setting of sensors on different loco type (WAG-9, WDM-4).
Ensures proper testing of each & every traction motor for high quality testing standards
System has a capacity to record 1sec per sensor speed with live graph movement on the screen.
Color code indication at the time of maximum heating of any component of Traction Motor.